? What is a Co-operative?

Co-operatives have operated internationally for over 160 years in all sorts of business applications, finance to farming – retail to education. It is particularly well suited to education as it allows schools which the accountable autonomy to support themselves and provides those who need it with more support from an extensive network. Co-operatives are an alternative to the more traditional ‘plc’ approach with defined values, principles and democratic governance.

? Why is a Co-operative Academy Different?

Co-operative Academies and Multi Academy Trusts are slightly, but importantly different to other Academy models. Our shared vision and values are embedded into our company Articles of Association making it very clear about the way in which we work for the benefit our our young people. Any school considering becoming a Co-operative Academy should ensure that its values are closely aligned with that of the movement and the school should be certain that it can uphold these values at all times.

? Central Services

Our central function uses a number of supplier services and systems to ensure it delivers effectiveness and efficiency to its' schools.