Co-operative Vision for 2020 and beyond

As we begin the new academic year it is an exciting time of growth and development in the Co-operative Education Trust. We have welcomed some new members of staff in all of our schools this year and look forward to working with them as well as finalising plans for additional schools to join our Trust.

We are extremely proud of the successful outcomes achieved by our schools last year and strive to build on this, as we work collaboratively to introduce the principles of ‘Visible Learning’ to our children. The ‘Visible learning’ techniques and strategies will provide our learners with the tools they need to be engaged, proactive and independent learners taking responsibility for their individual learning journeys. These skills will build on from and further develop the learning independence displayed by our children as they embraced the ‘Growth Mindset’ principles introduced last year.

At a time when school finances are challenging, we are looking forward to proactively exploring opportunities in the local and wider communities for collaborative working projects to enhance our children’s learning journeys.